Upholstery Question from Paul Godsman

Submitted on 05/06/2012

hole in car floor caused by a burn, rest of carpet in immaculate condition so dont want to replace whole carpet but just cover the hole up? I have excess carpet in the boot, could this be used to cover the hole? Any ideas how to fix the hole with a cheap repair? Or how much i could expect renault to charge to fix this? Model: renault megane

Dear Paul,

It is very hard to get an idea of the scale or position from the photo, but it's very possible this can be repaired. It does look rather large, so I would suggest taking the car to a trimmer and having them make a carpet set. This is essentially a set of car mats which are made to snuggly fit while covering the damaged area. In stead of just sitting in like a normal set of mats, they are sewn in to the floor.

If the area is fairly small and tucked up in a footwell or out of the way, then another alternative is a smart repair.  A resin fills the area and carpet fibers are then applied over the top. It is quite hard waring, but the end result rather depends on the weave of the carpet. It looks like your carpet would be quite a good candidate.

There are links to a couple of good car trimmers at the bottom of this page, otherwise get in touch with us, although we might want to see a few more photos showing size and position before we can give you a positive answer that we can do it.

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