Paint Sealants Question from Lord Draper

Submitted on 14/06/2012

Why do Glareuk advertise and sell a polish sealant claiming a 5 year morror shine. I bought 2 12 oz bottles of this product, followed the instruction to the letter.I applied 2 coats as instructed and stood back to enjoy the shine it produced. Within 3 days the car was duller than before it had been applied. The paintwork is in excellent condition as it is of show quality and the finish is base coat solid red with clearcoat lacquer over, so ther is no red residue on the cloth when polishing off. Model: 1996 Frd Mustang

I'm not familiar with this product, although I have seen similar products with similar claims.

They generally aren't a wax but a form of plastic coating, so if applied incorrectly the usual problem is that it seals in dirt, grime, and other problems that get trapped underneath.

But that doesn't seem to be your problem, the only time I have heard of ANYTHING going on and becomming dull so quickly in such a short space of time has been my own experiments with supermarket-bought cheap waxes... a small minority of which seem to contain lots of silicone and very little wax. 

I can't even see that some kind of chemical reaction would cause this.

So my best guess would be that you might have got part of a faulty batch. I'd suggest contacting the manufacturer and seeing what they say. Because I really can't think of anything.

Sorry I can't be of more help but wish you the best of luck.

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