Dent Removal Question from Amelia Clark

Submitted on 17/09/2008

I bought this car yesterday - and while I paid for it - I kid you not - some piece of human detritus thumped down a set of keys on the roof (or perhaps motorcycle courier wobbled or something fell on it but the result's the same) and put a couple of dents with paint chips going down to the metal on my black roof. Gutted...)... I just wondered if you could help me see how much I am looking at to get it repaired. And whether it is even possible. All advice appreciated. Even if you think I am only going to be able to do a cosmetic touchup... Please help! The dents are smaller than a 10 P piece and the paint chips are smaller than a 5 p piece. but all and all with a reflective black roof they are easily seen and it is heartbreaking to have it happen before I even got it home and had chance to run into Bollards without any help from anyone else to ruin it!!! Model: Mini Cooper


Don't worry about the bad luck. If there is a person out there who has passed their test, then driven till they are sixty five without at least three of these kind of things then they are either the luckiest person on the planet or they didn't actually go anywhere.

The answer is a good dent man could get your dents out if he can get accesses. This might prove very difficult as you have a sun roof. Then even if he can remove the dents you still have the large chips.They could be touched up by a professional  but they would be still visible. This may have been acceptable if you had done the damage but I'm afraid i could not advise it in your case. The remaining touch in would be a constant reminder of your bad day. So i would suggest  you either email  with your pictures. Or read these two articles

Good luck

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