Odour Removal Question from Peter Reeves

Submitted on 06/08/2012

Car less than 3 years old which I bought a year ago. Previous owner obviously a heavy smoker - how do I get rid of all the smells, please? Model: Ford Fiesta

If you want to do it yourself, I would suggest you vacuum the car in detail, especially around the steering wheel to make sure you have got rid of every trace of ash.

Then I'd suggest you try washing all the hard surfaces to remove all traces of tar... this tends to stick to glass and hard plastic more than fabrics and carpets.

The other thing you can do is to use baking soda, or something like Shake'n'vac. Put it all over the interior of the car and leave over night, or even over the weekend, then vac it all out again.

This should remove pretty much all of the source of the smell. There may be slight traces but these will deminish over time.

If you have us do it, we will fog the car. The fog gets into every area coating any trace of ash and tar -- obviously this requires professional equipment. If the cat has been owned by a heavy smoker this may be required as smoke, ash and tar may have worked it's way into hard-to-reach places behind the dashboard.

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