Modern Car Restoration Question from Matthew Skidmore

Submitted on 10/03/2013

Hello, Two weeks ago I noticed the carpet in the drivers footwell was sodden wet with rainwater. I have taken the following steps: - Visited local garage and they clarified it was rainwater and suggested drying the carpet, sourcing the leak and putting silicon around the windscreen seal but they were reluctant try to take my car and rectify it as it could take weeks with no definite fix, apparently. - I have fully dried the carpets using hovers and hair dryers. I have sourced the leak and it is trickling down the right side beneath the bonnet release latch. - I contacted a windscreen company and they confirmed it is highly unlikely to be the windscreen bond on this vehicle. - After reading a few forums I checked the scuttle drains and they weren't blocked. -Now I am at a dead end and want a professional to take over as I still have the trickle when it rains and as you can imagine it is getting annoying. Any suggestions are very welcome, Thanks. Model: Honda Civic 2007 (56)

Hi Matthew

Thank you for your question

You have done all the right things so far by drying out and doing some research on this. If the water is left in the car long enough spaws of mold will grow along with not so nice smells.

It is frustrating as your car is meant to keep you away from the elements. I am sure we can help you with this we have been quite succesfull over the years.

All the information you should need in regards to our leak detection service can be found here.


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