Smart Repairs Question from Nashat Siddiqui

Submitted on 02/11/2008

In Barnet but work in Basildon. Small dent in centre of rear bumper with tiny crack in paint. Someone tried to blow it out with a heat gun and almost managed it but the paint bubbled in the process. Few faint scratches in line with the dent also. Is a smart repair adequate? Do you offer any guarantees? Thanks Model: BMW 530d Carbon Black

Dear Nashat,

I don't think a Smart Repair would be a good idea... not because of the damage, but because of the location. It's too far round onto the flat part of the bumper.
When you do paintwork, the colour and finish never matches 100%, so if you paint half way accross a bumper, you will most likely notice a colour difference. This slight colour difference doesn't show if you do a repair on a corner, but it will show on a larger flat surface - especially a glossy black. (You might think black is an easy colour to match, but black is never black... it's usually blue, purple, brown, or grey, with a hint of perl or metallic)

So I suggest you take this to a bodyshop and get them to repaint the whole bumper. I recommend Kraftwork Refinishing here in Chelmsford. They produce the highest quality work and are very competitive on price.

...and for future reference, yes we do have money back guarantees of various kinds.
If we can't meet the expected improvement, we give you your money back. If we can but you are still not happy, then we will give you your money back if you have the work re-done at a bodyshop. And if you are having work done because you are returning a lease car, and you do get charge-backs, we will refund the cost of the repair you were penalised for. And for some kinds of work, we also offer a 1 year guarantee.

Otherwise, you can see from our Testimonies pages, we are very keen to keep our customers happy, so should you happen to have any problems, you can always get back to us with it and we'll see what we can do.

Danny Argent

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