Accident Clean-up Question from Mr. Michael T. Catney

Submitted on 09/12/2008

I suffered a heating oil spill in the boot of my car 4 weeks ago. I have tried unsuccefully to get ride of the odour. Do you have an outlet or an associate in Northern Ireland who may be able to help me or can you suggest a solution? Model: Toyota Avensis 5dr Hatchback

Dear Michael,

I'm afraid we don't yet have any other outlets, or know of anywhere in your area that could do the same thing we do The service we have is pretty unique.

Anyway, if we were to do it, it's quite likely you'd want to do it through your insurance company as spillages of oil and fuel can sometimes get quite expensive.

The probelm is that the heating fuel is made from oil, and so is most of the interior of your car. If you had left the heating oil for any amount of time, you would have found that it would melted carpets, seats and plastic trim.

...we have special enzymes that can eat oils, but even so, its very rare that we can salvage a carpet with most oil spillages. Often they turn to a sticky goo, but even if they don't, the oil has got into them, bonded with the fibres and your car will continue to smell as long as the carpet is in there.

So what I'd suggest is that you claim on your insurance. They will most likely send it to a bodyshop who will replace effected carpet , trim and clean the bodywork underneath. They will probably have done it before, and so will know how to get around any problems...

If you were able to bring the car to us, we would be able to do this more quickly, efficiently and be able to salvage more interior parts. And of course, we would guarantee the results... which would please the insurance company! Your insurance company will just have to have it done the hard way, without chemical assistance, but it should get the job done. You may be left with a faint smell of fuel after this, but it should fade in time.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help and I hope you get it all sorted out quickly.


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