Dent Removal Question from Michael Howie

Submitted on 20/05/2009

Hi Chaps, Firstly congratulations on a really informative website with lots of useful features (like being able to upload pics!) I have recently had a minor mishap with my car and have left a shallow 'person sized' dent in the read door. The paintwork is undamaged so I believe it is a good candidate for the smart repair process... As a picture is worth 1000 words I have attached some photos take at different angles - it is difficult to see but hopefully is repairable. Could you advise if it can be fixed via the dent repair process? Thanks Michael Howie Model: bmw 7 series (e38)

Dear Michael,

Thanks for the comments about the website, they have me stuck in the broom cupboard day-after-day toiling away at it, so it's nice to get some positive feedback, (actually any kind of human interaction is good for moral!).

The dent is quite large, near a swage line and it's possible it could be hard to get to. But I'm fairly confident we can at least make a huge improvement. So I'd say that this falls under our 'larger dents' price of £80-£120 -- I think it's likely to be at the lower end of that estimate, but I think we'll get best results if Christopher is allowed to take a bit more time and work his art.

If you'd like to book in, please give us a call, and don't forgtet to read our moneyback guarantee.


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