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Cleaning Convertible Car Roofs


It's important that your cabriolet's hood be periodically cleaned and reproofed with the correct products which will keep it looking like new and prevent it fading, growing moss, becoming worn and falling apart.

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Ceramic Coatings: The Definitive Guide


Ceramic coating is the latest and best thing in car care, but it causes a lot of confusion. In this guide we aim to answer questions and misconceptions about ceramic sealants and nano-coatings.

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Nature - Destroyer of cars! Part 1 - The Birds


One of the most common types of damage we see on car paintwork is caused by acid-etching from bird droppings.

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Returning your Lease car : Is the Lease Company is out to get you?


If you look on the Internet there’s all kinds of people complaining about problems with recharges. Excessive prices, recharges for damage they swear they never had or for damage which should be fair wear and tear...

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It pays to keep your car's leather interior in shape


Have you ever heard of connolising? All those wonderful old Rolls-Royce's, Jaguars and Rovers of yesteryear had their leather supplied by Connolly Leather Limited. Connolly Leather also became known as the name in which the leather was treated.

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