Leather Car Seat and Carpet Repairs

Leather Car Seat and Carpet Repairs

This was a car that had a scuff on the leather seat bolster and a hole in the carpet, worn through by a heel. These are both things we can repair.

The car was due to be returned to the lease company at the end of it's lease and came to us for an inspection. In order to avoid recharges, we recommended that the leather seat be repaired and the hole in the carpet fixed.

Carpet and Leather Repair

On Thursday we filmed Gary and Matt working on an Audi just before it is being returned to the Lease company. We watched and filmed as carpet holes and leather scuffs disappeared before our eyes, all in all everyday magic at its finest.

Posted by New Again Ltd on Monday, 14 September 2020

Carpet Repair

This was quite a large area of wear, although not the worst we have seen. Usually when we see holes in carpets, it's because ladies are driving in high heels and the heel pokes a hole through. We do quite a number of holes caused by cigarette burns. 

The area is treated with a primer and then covered with a sealant. Fibres are then mixed to the right colour and blown onto the sealant.

This provides an extremely hard wearing finish which in most cases is practically invisible. 

Leather Upholstery Repair

Typically, when we restore leather seats, it's because of wear on the upright bolster or the seat base, but in this case there was a snag which caused a nasty mark. 

As you can see from the video, it wasn't just a scuff, something had sliced into the leather which caused it to open up and stand proud, so after the area was filled with a special filler, it was sanded flat.

With that done, the colour was mixed, which in this case was black. There are no paint codes for leather, so any colour needs to be mixed by eye, making this something of an art form, which can be very difficult to do with some cream colours. Our leather technicians are highly skilled and experienced; the work they do could be anything from a scuff on a lease car, to recolouring the whole interior of a vintage limousine. 

Once dry, the special materials used are incredibly hard wearing, as they should be. They use the same type of pigments which are used at the factory.  Over the years we have seen kits for sale on eBay which are not the same thing. A few customers have brought cars to us which have had these leather recolouring kits used on them, and after a short time the rubberized paint is peeling off. And of course, it was never a good colour match to begin with. This is a type of repair which it pays to have done professionally, whether you are just repairing your car to return to the lease company or you have a car which you intend to restore to keep for yourself. 


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