Smart repairs and how they are beneficial


It is really frustrating noticing a dent or scruff on your car, especially if it was not your fault. Understandably you will be even more upset if you drive carefully and put effort in to looking after the vehicle. Sadly, once there is damage you may have to pay to fix it. Luckily, we can provide the finest smart repairs Chelmsford drivers can choose.

Smart Repairs and how they are beneficial
Paintless Dent Removal for removing small dents

What are smart repairs?

The term smart stands for the Small and Medium Area Repair Technique. It is a great option for your vehicle because you can use it to repair kerbed alloy wheels, scratches, bumper scuffs, and small dents. It can fix the damage quickly, making the vehicle look brand new.

How can I save money with smart repairs?

This kind or service will save you money because the repair will only be a small area, resulting in a low price. In many cases you can also avoid a full respray. This is especially likely with dent repairs. As a result the job is smaller, cheaper, and will take less time.

Don't think that the small price tag means a poor quality service though; we will still be able to offer you first rate results.

One situation that may require this service is if you are selling your car. A scruff or two may be acceptable for you. However, they can harm the car's resale value. As a result you may have to accept a smaller sale price or may even struggle to find sellers.

The damage can also be a problem if you are returning a vehicle after a lease. The company providing the car may judge that the damage is not acceptable wear and tear. Therefore, they may give you a repair bill when you return the lease car.

Reliable services

New Again can make your vehicle look like it is fresh off the forecourt in just a few short hours. Our team performs all repairs to the standard recommended in the Fair Wear & Tear Standard.

If you need assistance from the top company providing smart repairs Chelmsford has, get in touch with us. We can give you a quote and useful advice about why this kind of repair is the best option.

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