Why do people love shiny cars?


Why do we love shiny cars? Well having been in thousands and thousands of shiny cars over the years I think I can finally put this thing to rest.

Why you should use professional car detailing
After paintwork correction, machine polishing and a nano-ceramic cloating, you'll end up with a shine you can take pride in. 

Mainly it’s about the feeling it gives you. Have you ever put on a brand-new pair of shoes a brand-new pair of socks a brand-new pair of jeans and a new shirt or all of them. Or even if they’ve just been washed and ironed, you can’t help but feel fantastic. There’s just something about that feeling that new feeling. Well the same thing happens when you get in a car that feels like brand-new. You just feel amazing.

Shiny cars actually look better, you can see the design lines that the manufacturing designer intended. Shiny exaggerates the look and shape of a car. It gives that new feeling to everyone who looks at it. They only seem to get about 20% of the feeling that you get walking up to it and actually climbing into it and driving it down the road. So then you see people getting that 20% by looking at your shiny car and that in return gives you fuel to your new feeling. Crazy I know, but it’s the same feeling that you get when you walk into someplace and people are looking at how polished and shiny your shoes and shirt, even the clean socks and your pants make a difference.

A sunny day makes it even better. The Sun exaggerates the shine, you end up with shiny on the brain. And then you see a car that’s not shiny and you feel sorry for them they are driving around without that feeling? Are they mad, Are they bonkers, or are they just one of those people that walk round with holes in there Jeans to look good? Have they got stains on their seats and carpets or grubby leather? What are their houses like? Do they clean their teeth? 

Shiny cars increased pride so what do you means pride. Has pride actually gone from this country? No, 'course it hasn’t it’s just been lost with those people with the dirty cars and dirty houses and long grass in the front garden. Maybe they’re just having a temporary setback. Maybe they’re thinking of having their cars made shiny so they can cash in on that fantastic feeling. 

Maybe they’ve never done it, maybe they’ve never had a shiny car. 

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