Why do so many people lease cars?

Why do so many people lease cars?

Our team are experts when it comes to helping people return their lease cars at the end of contract.

Our work includes making sure lease car returns go as smoothly as possible. This stops you from having to pay a lot for damage or other issues such as missing items.

The benefits of car leasing make it a popular choice

A lot of people decide to lease a car instead of buying one. There are a number of reasons behind this, for example cash flow. It would cost you a lot more to buy a car on finance per month than leasing. Rather than buying the vehicle, a lease lets you pay for the depreciation of the car while you use it. This means that the monthly payments will be lowered and more manageable.

People also choose to lease a vehicle because the down payment will be much lower than a deposit for a new car. A lease offers many people the opportunity to drive a brand-new car without the expensive price tag.  

Leasing is flexible and enables you to drive a new car every 3 years. Because of this, you can get your hands on the latest model or the one that best suits your changing needs. There are a huge number of contact hire options so that people can choose what best suits them.

Don't over pay for end-of-lease car repairs

In order to get the most of your lease, you must return the vehicle in reasonable condition. If you fail to do this, you can end up dealing with expensive charges.

The mistake many people make is over-spending for car repairs when they return their lease car. It is very tempting to feel that you have to do it all. But there is usually a threshold under which you won't be charged.  In addition to this, sometimes that the cost of recharge is equal to or less than the cost of repair.

In between sending your car back with no repairs and getting expensive recharges, and spending a small fortune in repairs, there is plenty of wiggle room where you can save hundreds of pounds.

New Again has professional advisors who can help with lease returns. We can do inspections to provide you with information on any damages. This is important because some damage will be fair wear and tear, and some you will be outside of this. You may need to pay to repair anything that is not acceptable wear.

When looking for help with returns for lease and contract hire, Chelmsford clients can rely on us. We would love to hear from you if you have any questions about our work.

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