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We are a business that specialises in pre-lease car return inspections. When people give their lease cars back, there are often charges for damage.

This is usually issues they didn't know existed. With our services, we help clients in deciding what they do and don't need to repair. As the top company offering services like specialist paint protection Chelmsford has, we can also provide solutions, so you are less likely to experience damage.

Vehicles are always a massive investment. As a result, you have to protect them. The thing about paint protection is that it separates the car industry. There are those who have little understanding of what it is and where to use it. Some opt for waxing and others go for a permanent protective coat. Whatever the case, any protection is better than none at all. The following are reasons why this is true.


Firstly, the protection can keep your vehicle looking newer for longer. Waxing is able to supply your car with an attractive lustre that is going to endure for several months. Therefore, you should wax your vehicle frequently.

By using permanent protection, people normally receive a lifetime of lustre. Paint protection has the ability to bond with the pores in your glass, bumper, alloys, and paintwork. It will leave a high gloss, smooth finish behind.

Less superficial damage

The protection minimizes the chances of your paint suffering superficial harm as well. Any driving risks issues like scratches and dents. They can come from various things, including bushes and trees, rocks, and road debris. Even parking comes with its risks. Paint protection offers a clear layer between the paint and everything that is capable of damaging it.

At New Again, we have our own options for protecting vehicles. This includes the ceramic/nano surface coatings. These are unlike any other product you have seen before. They can bond with the paint on a molecular level. Most importantly, they are stronger than car sealants and waxes.

If you are after the greatest specialist paint protection Chelmsford has, please contact us. You can also choose us if your lease is close to ending, and you want to arrange a pre-lease car return inspection. After it we will suggest what kind of repairs you need.

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