Volkswagen Golf GT cabriolet 2012 | water leak detection


Seems there's no shortage of leaks on this Volkswagen which is not uncommon. It's not only Volkswagens, it's all cars with convertibles particularly prone to leaks.

This Golf GT Cabriolet had blocked drainage holes underneath the back of the roof in the trough where it sits when it's down. It's also leaking between the window and the hood because the rubbers have hardened with age. 

It also has leaking rear air vents and a leaky door membrane. 

Solution: To fix the problem with the roof, it needs a good clean, get all the grime and debris out from the rubbers, so they can make a good seal, and we will apply a product which revives rubbers... if this doesn't work then the car will need replacement rubbers but hopefully this won't be the case. The drainage holes can be unblocked.

The inner door membrane needs to be replaced, and we would recommend replacing the rear air vents as on most cars with this problem, they have a built-in silicone seal which is integral to the unit. You can just get a silicone sealant and gum it all up. But that makes a mess and if it doesn't work... you are left with a leaky mess. It is better to put the car right the way the designers intended. These parts aren't that expensive, and we think it's better to do a proper job. That's how we roll. 

The car will then need to be dried and in this car probably treated with an antimicrobial again to get to the bottom of that seat. (We treat all cars with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial before we start work because the damp conditions can lead to mould, fungus and bacteria growing in the car).

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Question: "How  do you make sure your roof doesn't leak? How do you clean it all out? Nobody told me about this additional maintenance when I bought a convertible car."

Answer: They don't tell you that sunroofs have drainage holes which also need cleaning and unblocking from time to time.  We plan on doing a video on this subject in the future, showing you how to clean a sunroof, cabriolet hood and also the scuttle area.  

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