Audi A8 L hybrid 2013 | Leaking Rear Screen


Another common problem for this model of Audi where they leak water from the top of the rear screen.

Here we have an Audi in for our water leak procedure and it is uncovered that the rear screen is letting water through which is directly on top of the hybrid system. Apparently it is a common fault with this model due to a fault with the rear screen so we will have to take the screen out clean and reseal to solve the problem.

This kind of water leak is a common problem on Audis. 

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Question: "How long will it take to find and fix my leak?"

Answer: Our initial service usually takes us about three hours, after which we will usually know what the problem is or have a pretty good idea. Sometimes our report will narrow it down and recommend further investigation. Sometimes you need to strip out quite a lot of the car in order to pinpoint a leak and we can't do this unless you have already decided to go ahead with the work, which many people do. We do provide a full report but we also send a video and we will often do this while we are doing the inspection. At this point many people tell us to get on and do the work. Unless the car needs to go to a dealership, bodyshop or windscreen company, or we need to wait for parts, repair can usually be done the same day. Drying can be done overnight but on some cars with thick carpet underlay it can take up to three days to fully dry.  

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