BMW 5 Series 2004 | Water Leak Detection


This BMW is leaking from the sunroof. At this stage in the inspection, it isn't immediately clear what is actually causing the leaks, but it doesn't really matter because there are a number of possible reasons, and they all need to be checked.

A sunroof could leak because the drainage holes in the cassette are blocked, causing the cassette to overflow. It could be that the drainage pipes are blocked at the cassette, at the opposite end where they drain out, or some place in between. 

It could be that with age, the silicone pipes have shrunk and pulled off their connectors, or they could have split. We also sometimes see that pipe connectors become old and brittle, and they can crack or break. In addition to this, there can be other issues, such as the sunroof being so clogged up with dirt that it isn't causing a good seal and letting in too much water. 

Whatever the reason, (and it could be any of them or a combination of a couple), they all need to be checked and dealt with. If it's just a blockage, then it's just an easy fix, but if it's broken connectors or shrunken pipes, the best solution is to get replacement sets and put in new. 

The car has mould in the back which needs to be dealt with appropriately, and the car needs to be dried properly if we are to avoid the mould coming back.

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Question: "My sunroof won't close properly, can you repair that too?"

Answer: We aren't really geared up to do repairs. We aren't a conventional garage. Obviously, we can do repairs and repair things in the course of our work. But if you have a  something like a faulty sunroof, the hood on your convertible won't go down or the electric windows are not working, it is best to send it to a specialist who can fix those before brining the car to us. Keep in mind, though, this could all be related. Electrical problems are often caused because water was leaking into the car, which then means you can't properly close your window, so then even more water gets inside your car. 

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