BMW 6 series 2006 | water leak part 2 of 3


The second part of our diagnosis into this BMW 6 Series which has we carpets from what we suspect are multiple rain water leaks.

The rubbers around the trunk for the convertible roof are dirty so that they aren't making a proper seal. This is letting in small amounts of water into this area which are resulting in condensation.

Solution: We will lean these rubbers and treat them to make them soft and supple again. This will solve one problem, but there is still the issue with water in the boot which is covered in part 3. (Part 1 here)

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Question: "I have a convertible  hood on my car and I have a leak, how much will a new roof cost me?"

Answer: I wouldn't jump to conclusions, it is very rare for cabriolet roofs to need replacing because they leak. Underneath the fabric which you see is a rubber membrane and these are usually very hardwearing. Unless your car is very old, it is unlikely to need a new one. It's far more likely that drainage holes are blocked or the rubbers that that seal around the windscreen and doors need some attention.  Often a good clean is enough to stop the leaks, otherwise replacement rubbers which are far cheaper than a new roof.

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