BMW 6 series 2006 | water leak part 3 of 3


The last part of our investigation into the water leaks on the 6 series BMW which had we carpets.

There seems to be a loose drainage hose in the boot which is designed to allow any water collecting in the trunk which holds the convertible roof to drain away to the wheel arch. But in this case it is leaking on one side which is allowing water to run down into the spare wheel well.

Solution: The pipe and the nipple were cleaned up and resealed. 

Now all the leaks have been identified and fixed we can dry the car.
(Part 1 & Part 2)

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Question: "How much will it cost to repair my leak?"

Answer: We can't say until we have had a look, thats why we do this inspection at a fixed price. It could be that your car needs to go off to the dealer for a replacement air conditioner, it might need some welding, or like this BMW, it might need a bit of a clean, some drainage holes unblocking, and can be dealt with on the inspection for no extra charge. We do however recommend that you have us dry the  car water in cars can cause problems with corrosion, the electrical systems as well as your health.

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