Ford Fiesta 2009 | Water Leak Detection


The rear vents on this Ford Fiesta are leaking which is no great surprised, we have seen this on Fords before.

But what was a surprised were the two holes on each side which were covered up with paper tape. We have to admit that we don't know about this, although we did see something similar on a Ford Kuga last week, so we are guessing this is factory. Make of that what you will.

Somebody had drilled holes in the bottom of the boot to let out the excess water. We see this once in a while too and can assure you it's never a good idea because road-spray is guaranteed to enter these holes.

Solution: We will replace the air vents and seal the holes, then dry the car. 

Water Leak Detection - London, Essex, Kent.

Water Leak Detection Service -  London, Essex, Kent

We are worth the journey, we have one of the world's only dedicated water leak detection services. If your car is full of water, bring it to the specialists.


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Question: "I think I fixed my leak myself, can you just dry my car?"

Answer: We certainly can. We have a range of drying options, just give us a call. 

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