Ford Focus Titanium 2011 | Rear Air Vents Leaking Water


Footage via our flexi-cam showing how water is leaking in through the rear vent of this Ford Focus.

Water splashing up from the road passes through the vent and leaks into a box section where it can run down into the rear of the car.

Solution: Clean and reseal the rear vents both sides of the car.

This is yet another common issue on this model along with cracked seams next to the gate hinges, leaking rear lights, and sometimes perished rubber stoppers. 

"Why is the floor in the back of my car wet?"

Expert Rain Water Leak Detection Service - Chelmsford

If you have a Ford Focus and the back carpets are wet, or the boot is full of water, there are a number of possible reasons your car is leaking. We can help.


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Question: "My car leaks when it rains but I live over the other side of the country. Do you have a branch near me?"

Answer: We are based in Chelmsford, but we can arrange to have your car collected and delivered.  

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