Ford Focus Titanium 2011 | Water Leak Rear Seam


This Ford Focus had water leaking into the boot area from various places which is a common issue on various models of Ford and it's usually the same series of issues causing the leaks.

We have shown this issue before where the panels join creating a seam, over time as the car flexes the seam comes apart slightly allowing water to leak through. This is not a serious structural issue, but the seams do part enough to form a gap.

Solution: We will use a waterproof sealer, forcing it into the seam to seal the leak. This is a similar sealer used in the car's manufacture which you can see over-painted on the interior panels of cars. We will also put it over the seam on the other side of the car in-case that also cracks in the future. It will also have the benefit of preventing rust.

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Question: "How soon can you fix my leak?"

Answer: Leaks are serious business and we think you should get them done as soon as you can. Should you bring your car to us in the summer, then we will get it booked in as soon as we can. In the winter, it rains a lot, so we sometimes have a lead time of several weeks. However once booked in, you can leave your car with us early we might be ahead of schedule in witch case we can make a start finding your leak. 

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