Ford Focus Titanium 2011 | water leak into boot


This is another video showing how water is leaking into the boot of this Ford Focus.

Just as on the other side, there is a crack between body panels which is allowing water to leak in, run down inside the pillar and drip through an air vent.

Solution: We will put a sealer over this seam to prevent water getting in. 

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Rain Water Leak Finding Service - Essex, Kent London

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Question: "What do I do if I find water leaking inside my car?"

Answer: What most people do is assume they left a window open a crack. Then they leave it to see what happens, maybe it will fix it's self or dry up when the heater's on. 

If you do have a leak it is essential to deal with it right away before it causes other problems such as mould or condensation disrupting the electrical systems. We have an article about what to do if your car has a water leak on our blog.

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