Ford Kuga 2009 | Water Leak Found


Leaking factory fitted windscreen on this Ford Kuga, with the water running down the front pillars into the footwells.

It's leaking all across the top of the screen and leaking on both sides. The rear vents are also leaking and two holes above the vent are covered with sticky paper.

Solution: The windscreen will need to be refitted, the vents replaced and the holes resealed with something more durable than paper. We also recommend resealing the welds under the scuttle because we have seen this cause leak problems on other cars. 

Expert Water Leak Detection Service

Expert Water Leak Detection Service

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Question: "Do you replace leaking screens?"

Answer: We don't, but we know somebody who does. If you have had a screen fitted which leaks, you may have recourse with them, likewise if you bought a new car from a dealer, you may be able to take it back and get them to correct it. Otherwise, it can be refitted. It might not be as expensive as you think as you probably won't need to buy a new screen, you are just paying for the refitting.

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