Ford Transit Connect 2014 | Water Leak Found


This Transit Connect came to us because water was leaking in and filling up the floor on the front. We performed our water leak detection inspection and here's what we found.

The driver's side door membrane was leaking and the rear air vents are leaking, proving that vans are no different to cars. If you have watched any of our previous videos you'll know this seems to be the two most common problem on just about any make or model of vehicle. 

Solution: We will replace both door membranes, because if one is aged to the point that it's leaking, the other is probably not far behind. We'll also take the bumper off and replace the rear air vents.

We detect leaks in vans too. We'll keep you moving.

Rain Water Leak Testing Service

Have you been putting it off, sitting in a cold, damp, smelly van? Do the dealerships and garages seem unenthusiastic about helping you find and fix your leak? Try us. 

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Question: "Is it cheaper to dry a van?"

Answer: Yes, it's much easier to dry thin rubber mats than thick carpet. 

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