Ford Focus 2013 | Water Leak Part 2 | Drivers Side Leak


This is pretty much a mirror image of our last video showing the rear vent leaking on the driver's side.

The carpets are very wet on this side. Although the carpet underlay is not very thick on a Ford Focus, you can see that they can still hold a lot of water which would not just dry out naturally before they begin to rot, causing damp smells and mould which you will see in the next video.

Solution: We decontaminate every car with anti-microbial which kills mould. The carpets are lifted up, water extracted out then we use hot air blowers to dry the carpets.

Car Water Leak Testing Service - Essex, Kent, London

Automotive Water Leak Testing Service - Essex

If you are struggling with a leaky car in the South East of England, we can get you back on dry land. Our water leak detection service will identify the problem and tell you how much it's going to cost.

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Question: "I have followed your DIY leak finding videos and think i have found and fixed my leak, can I still bring my car to you for the rest of the stuff?"

Answer: Yes, we are happy to decontaminate and dry your car. However, until the car is dry how can you be sure you have fixed the leak or that you only have one? We can work with you and sort something out.

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