Ford Focus 2013 | Water Leak | Mould spores inside the car


Once water gets into the car it makes the whole car damp. If you have a leak you may have noticed your windows steam up and you begin to get that damp smell. This is a perfect breading ground for bacteria and mould.

The sound deadening material which is over the rear arches has been sitting in a puddle of water and gone black with mould. Black mould can be extremely hazardous to your health and must be dealt with. If you see it, try not to disturb it as this will cause the spores to fly into the air. It is breathing in these spores which is bad for you.

If you suspect your car has a leak and you have recently had sinus problems or chest infections, this could be why.

Solution: We have anti-microbial products which kill mould without damaging your car (household products tend to contain bleach which can mark surfaces and destroy foam underlay). The car will be treated before any attempt to dry it.

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Question: "My car smells of damp, can you fix that too?"

Answer: Once we decontaminate the car, kill all the mould and bacteria, then dry the car, most of the smells should be gone. But if you want to go the extra mile, we have odour kill services, we can steam clean the whole interior and make your car like new again.  

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