Lexus RX 400h 2008 | Part 1 | Water Leak Doors


This Lexus appears to have problems with the two front door membranes leaking, but stay tuned because that's not the only problem.

As we have seen on our previous Lexus videos, these cars have multiple problems and this one also has the issue of sealant cracking around the welded seam on the real tail gate. This allows water to leak into the boot at various points.

Unfortunately the end of this video got cut off before James could show the leaks on the driver's side. But fear not because he resumes in part two.

Lexus Rain Water Leaks

Water Water Leaking Inside Lexus


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Question: "Can I fix this leak myself?"

Answer: You sure can, but keep in mind we have created a whole service around this largely because its work that other professionals really don't like doing. It can frustrate the best of us. On the other hand, your local dealership or mechanic is trying to make a living and time is money. You can spend as much time as it takes tracking down your leaks and not worry about running up a bill. Sometimes a fix is acutally very simple and easy, so you could find and repair the leak yourself and then bring the car to us for the bit that everybody struggles with... drying the car.  

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