Mercedes GL350 | water leak found

Mercedes GL350 | water leak found

Our latest water leak detection service consists of a 2015 Mercedes GL 350.

The area of concern is the driver-side rear, as you can see in the video we are simulating a rainwater test where the panoramic roof starts.

The customer has only owned the vehicle for just slightly over a year but has only driven it for eight months when they brought the car to us for us to help them find the leak.

We have been told by the owner that the Mercedes was parked some of the time due to the ingress issues and has had a hard time with a well established main dealer in Wales who have advised the customer that her roof weatherstrips have been eaten by birds.

I can understand why this has been said, but it genuinely looks like they have just perished away. At the time the video was made, I’m not fully sold that the perished weatherstrips are the cause of concern, further investigation will be required. There is no sign of accident damage to this vehicle, and research suggest that the panoramic roof and poor seams are the main issues for ingress into this model of Mercedes.

Should either of these known issues be the reason for the ingress, we will establish where the fault lies and find a means for fixing what we have found. 

We have been repairing leaks and drying cars for over 30 years 

Water Leak Detection Service

Up  to a third of the cost of your car was computers, processors and sensors. Delicate  electrical systems hidden under your carpets, which might now be sitting in water. 


Car Leak Repair

Question: "The floor is wet in the back of my car.  The carpets are soaked through.

Answer: You might think it's safe to assume the leak is somewhere in the back of the car, and it well might be, but you have to remember that water will always end up at the lowest point. Carpets on many luxury cars are very thick, and although they might not feel wet on the surface, the thick foam underneath could be soaked through, and it only shows at a lower point at the back. This is why we use a 28 point check where we inspect the whole car to find the leak, we can then decontaminate and dry the car. 

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