Mercedes SLS | Water Leak

Mercedes SLS | Water Leak

You wouldn't have thought a beautiful luxury car like the Mercedes SLS would suffer from water leaks, but this one did, until we fixed it.

This SLS came to us from the Mercedes dealership already partially stripped down. Water was leaking from both sides of the hood, both dripping in through the roof and running down inside the rubbers to the bottom of the door shuts.

Upon inspection, we discovered that the rubber around the windscreen didn't form a good seal and in an attempt to fix it, somebody had taken it off and put it back on again, somehow making it worse.

We applied Krytox to the rubber, to make it supple, it was then properly sealed in place. We also did all the door rubbers. At first suspected there might also be a leak in the bulkhead, but this didn't seem to be the case. As Mercedes had already stripped this car out, we didn't need to dry it.

Interior Water Leaks Specialists

Interior water leaks specialists

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