Mini Convertible One Sidewalk 2007 | Rain Water Leak (Part 2)


Rain water is leaking through one of the door membranes. This is where most cars seem to leak, not just Minis. This is not a great surprise on a car this age, as you will know if you have watched any of our other water leak videos.

We also have water getting past the rubbers on the drivers side. In other video on this car I talked about the rubbers and this is related. All the rubbers on the car are the same age, so they are all aged and need some attention. This is not an obvious leak to find because water is getting under the rubber and capillary action is pulling it over the seam. Well spotted James!

Solution: As always we will replace both door membranes and as previously mention, we will use a rubber reviver.

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Question: "I think my local mechanic has fixed my leak, but it's still damp and smells, can I bring the car to you for drying?"

Answer: You certainly can. We can forego the inspection if you think that is dealt with, then we can decontaminate and dry your car. We offer a range of other services to such as cleaning and re-proofing convertible roofs. 

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