Peugeot 107 2013 Water Leak Detection


This Peugeot starts off with a leaky door membrane. As I say on most of our videos, this is an extremely common problem, it can happen on any and all cars and frequently does.

The plastic membrane may well shrink with age, and the sticky sealant may become less sticky and come unstuck causing water to be able to get past it and leak inside the car. 

The next problem is the centre rear brake lights. Again this is not an unusual problem on any kind of car, The rubber seals around the brake lights shrink with age and let in water.

Solution: We would make and replace the door membranes on both doors and fix them into place with new sealant. As for the brake light, this depends on what the customer wishes to do and how much the parts company charges for parts. A new brake light with brand-new rubbers would certainly be one solution. However, if this part is expensive or difficult to get hold of, we could put some sealer on there. The problem with this is that if that king needs to come out again for some reason, it is stuck in, so it's not an ideal solution. We might be able to revive the rubber seal if it isn't too far gone using a rubber reviver.

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Question: "How do I fix a  leaking door membrane?"

Answer: The answer to this question really comes down to how competent you are as a car mechanic. And let's be honest, if you were a car mechanic, you wouldn't be asking the question. It is actually just a sheet of plastic which probably costs the manufacturer pennies to produce. However, since it has been imported from whatever country it was manufactured in, passed through distributors, dealers and parts companies, had the price of admin added onto it plus tax, it's really rather expensive for what it is. So many mechanics make their own... as I said it's just a sheet of plastic. So if you were going to 'Do it yourself' you would need to source a roll of plastic and a tube of the appropriate sealer, which combined would probably arm you with enough material to do twenty door membranes but cost you as much as replacement part imported from France. 

Then there's the business of removing the door card to access the leaky membrane. These door cards are usually made of recycled plastics and cardboard, because we all want to save the planet and recycle. However, this can mean that the materials are not the very best quality and can be a little delicate which is not normally a problem because they aren't often removed so don't have to be particularly soldier-proof. It does help to have a little experience and the right tools in order to get them off without damaging them. The clips that hold them on may well break, they often do. This is fairly normal, and they are easy to replace if you happen to have spares as most mechanics do. 

...and so it goes on. Yes you can do it yourself, but you are probably better just taking it your local mechanic and asking them to do it.  it can be difficult to answer questions like this without sounding patronizing, but it is what it is. 

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