Peugeot 207 | Water Leak From Windscreen


This Peugeot 207 had water leaking its way into the cabin from under the dashboard.

After investigation it was found that water was running down the screen and getting under the scuttle plate instead of running away. This should not be a problem on it's own but the cover for the pollen filter had come  lose and would not stay closed meaning the water was dripping directly into it.

Solution: We will clean up the underside of the scuttle plate so it forms a better seal, this should clear most of the water away. The door for the pollen filter had shrunk and distorted with age so the plastic clips were no longer holding. It could be heated up and bent back into shape, or a better solution would be a replacement part... however, this is not the kind of part that dealers generally keep in store. It could be the case that it needs to be ordered from France which would be costly and take time. While replacement parts are usually preferable there are situations like this in areas where you cant see, where a more practical solution might be possible. Such as gluing in a shim to give the catch a bit of extra purchase.

While we have the scuttle off we will clean any debris away from the drainage holes and then all is left is to dry the car.

Essex - London, Expert Rain Water Leak Tracing

Essex - London, Expert Rain Water Leak Tracing


If you are struggling with  trying to find a leak in your car, we can help. Soggy carpets and damp odours? No problem.

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Question: "The dealership says I need new rubbers, but this still leaves my car wet. Can you give me a quote for the work?

Answer: We have a system. What usually happens is that you pay £150 for an inspection. We do a 28 point check plus checking all the points which are known trouble areas for your make and model of car. At the end of this we will have found at least one leak, we provide you with a video report, written and an estimate. 

A lot of our customers have told us that the go to the dealers/mechanic and they say, "It's the rubbers", they fix that and yet the leak persists, they go back again and have something else fixed, and then they find a leak somewhere else. It is not unusual for customers to tell us they have been back to the dealership 3-4 times, so our system aims to eliminate all this messing about. 

So our inspection is the route we recommend because when cars get to a certain age, they tend to develop multiple leaks and it's best to try and catch them all. (You will notice that if you look at our videos, many of the cars are 10-15 years old).
You can understand that if the door rubbers are perished on the passenger side, the rubbers on the driver's side are the same age and likely to be close to the same condition. So we would recommend doing both sides, if indeed it is the rubbers... i would also be suspicious of the door membranes and Fiesta's tend to leak at the seams. The last one we did earlier this week had about 8 leaks.

Alternatively, if you have already had the dealership fix the leak and you are confident it is fixed, we can dry your car. Even this can be difficult for us to quote without seeing the car, but our 15 hour overnight dry is probably be a good option. Our prices for drying are here.

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