Range Rover Sport 2013 | water leak found


Déjà vu all over again. The RangeRover Sport is leaking from the sunroof, rainwater running down he A-pillars.

Solution: Like most sun roofs, there is a tendency for the drainage holes to get blocked on these if they are parked under a tree and collect lots of debris. The RangeRovers have an unfortunate additional problem where the connectors on the pipes become brittle and break. These will be replaced. The car had a lot of water in it and as the carpets are so thick, it might take a considerable amount of time to dry, even with us extracting the water and using our industrial dryers.

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Question: "My local garage doesn't seem to be too enthusiastic about helping me with my leak". Is this a bad sign?" 

Answer: It is not a favorite job of local mechanics. We often find the ones in our area refer them to us. It's all about diagnosing the problem(s) and you don't always get it right first time, in fact, often you don't, which can mean angry customers shouting at you when you are trying to do your best. When you add to this that they generally aren't set up to dry cars, many of them would rather be doing something else.  

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