VW Golf TSI Cabriolet 2008 | Water Leak Rear Air Vents


Water splashing up from the road, leaks into the box-section and runs down to the floor in the rear soaking the footwell. We usually find that if one is leaking, the other leaks too.

We also found leaks on the cabriolet roof of this car. 

Solution: Remove the air vents, clean them then re-seal them back into place. If the rear vents are badly perished it is sometimes best to replace them with new ones.

Leaking rear vents is a problem not unique to the Golf, it is common on many makes and models of car.

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Question: "The carpets are wet in the back of my VW  Golf. I have looked everywhere but I can't see how water is getting inside the car.

Answer: It could be that water is leaking into the boot and then running straight through into the back of the car. Depending on the model it can slop over the rear bulkhead or leak through underneath. 

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