Volkswagen Golf Sport Line 2011 | Water Leak Detection (Part 1)


This VW Gold has a large sunroof which sits in a cassette, a sort of tray which acts as a gutter with drainage holes which should lead water away, through pipes to drain through the bottom of the car.

However, it is fairly common for these small diameter holes and pipes to get blocked with leaf debris meaning the guttering will fill up and overflow, allowing it to leak into the roof of the car.

This car also has leaking rear air vents... so no surprises there! This is one of the reasons we do these videos, it serves as a record of common faults. We tend to see the same leaks time and time again on the same models of cars. 

Solution: The rear air vents will be replaced with new ones. They come with a silicone seal around the outside and as they get old, this seal will perish. You can seal them up with a load of goo, but we prefer to do things properly and replace worn parts. 

The sunroof will be unblocked, the pipes and connectors checked to ensure they haven't split, shrunk, broken or come off. 

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Question: "I have a Volkswagen sunroof which leaks, can you repair it."

Answer: In some cases we can unblock holes and clean up rubber seals, but these sunroofs in the Golf and Jetta are rather notorious. If they are break, the only course of action is to replace the whole thing at a dealership.  

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