Volkswagen Golf 2013 | Water Leak Part 2


This Volkswagen Golf with multiple water leaks again. Here we show how the passenger side door membrane is also leaking.

This car also has a leak from the air conditioner. This is caused by a build-up of debris in the scuttle area below the windscreen allowing the water to raise to a lever where it can get into the air conditioner unit, from there it finds it way down to the floor under the carpets. Although the carpets on this car are only damp, it's likely there's far more water under the underlay.

Solution: Clean the scuttle, reseal the air conditioner and replace the door membrane. The carpets will need to be lifted so we can extract the rain water, decontaminate with an anti-microbial and dry the car.

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Question: "I left the window open on my car over the summer and it rained. The car smells pretty damp and the leather is stained."

Answer: The combination of water and heat from the summer can make your car smell a bit. I would think it likely that it might dry out on it's own but now you have the bacteria in there which causes that smell. The car can be decontaminated, cleaned and that should probably fix it. As for the leather, you could try putting on a good quality leather conditioner, otherwise the leather can be recoloured, but try conditioner first.  

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