Volkswagen Jetta 2006 | water leak found


The VW Jetta had a mysterious leak in the boot area which was enough to make the underside of the boot carpet wet.

We checked the rear vents as this is a common problem on the VW Golf but these seem to be okay. However we found water to be getting in at some welds on either side of the tailgate.

This is a similar problem as found on some Fords. This is NOT a structural problem and isn't unsafe -- the car isn't coming unwelded! Cars are spot-welded which means they are welded every few inches in a spot instead of along the seams which is what most people imagine when they think of welding.  However, spot welding does leave space between panels where water can get in and this is usually prevented by having the panels sprayed on one side with a coarse sealant. 

Solution: We will carefully and neatly seal this seam with a professional sealant. The boot carpet will have already been treated with a disinfectant and anti-microbial before we start work on the car, so all that will then be left to do is dry the car.

Automotive Water Leak Testing for Volkswagen

Automotive Water Leak Testing for Volkswagen

If you are struggling with wet carpets or trying to find a leak in your car, we can help. Bring your Volkswagen to us, we'll find your leak and provide you with a report so you can decide what to do next.

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Question: "I took my car to my local garage and they fixed the leak, at least I think they did, but my car is still wet and smells damp.

Answer: It's very possible they did fix the leak, but the car won't dry out on it's own if there was a lot of water in it which there usually is. People often don't figure out that all that condensation they have suffered for months is a leak until the carpets are damp which means the floor pans have already filled with water. We can dry your car, we are set up for it. That should solve your damp problem and now, if the car gets wet again, you'll know for sure there's another leak. 

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