Volvo V70 2008 (part 1) | Water leak found from sunroof


Here we have a Volvo V 70 in for a water leak procedures and has revealed the front sunroof pipes are blocked which is causing the water to back up run down a pillars and then escaping through bottom of glovebox into both footwells.

Quite a lot of rain water has leaked inside the car from these blocked pipes and in our next video we'll show you just how much. People often underestimate just how much water is under their carpets and they think that if they fix the leak the car will dry out in a few days. This isn't the case, unless you dry the car properly the water could stay in their for years causing condensation, mould, corrosion and causing electrical problems.

Do you suspect you have a leaking sun roof?

Rain Water Leak Finding

Even if you think you know where your car is leaking and found where water is getting inside your car, your carpets will still need to be dried to avoid ongoing problems. We can help.


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Question: "I have a leak in my car , the carpets are wet and  the car is full of water. Can I claim on the insurance?"

Answer: Highly unlikely... however, if you had a crash and the insurance arranged for repair, or you have a windscreen replaced under windscreen cover, and either of these repairs were done poorly and resulted in a leak, then you would have recourse somewhere. They will usually pay for you to get your car valeted. The valeters will shampoo the carpets and spray around some air freshner and that just isn't good enough.  You can see in Part 2 of this Volvo C70 video

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