Audi Q5 2011 | Leaking sunroof


Our latest 28 point check water leak detection service is a 2011 Audi Q5 The car is suffering from some heavy damage to the rear quarter as seen in the video, this is contributing to the vehicles water ingress. The car will need body repair to stop the leak continuing.

We also have a blocked rear sunroof drain which is causing ingress into the same location, the boot floor pan and passenger rear footwell, so these areas will need to be stripped cleaned decontaminated and dried. 

Water has the tendency to find its lowest point in this case the passenger rear footwell and boot floor pan. The vehicles underlay is holding a significant amount of water as a result. Without removing seats and trims etcetera this will stay wet for a lengthy period of time which will cause mould to develop. 

Here at New Again we specialise in leak diagnosis, finding leaks, decontamination and drying cars

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