Ford Fiesta 2008 | Water Leak Fixed


Yet another car with water leaking through perished door membranes. This kind of leak is common on many different makes and models of car but thankfully a fairly easy fix.

We have recently had a 2008 ford Fiesta in for a Water Leak finding service and we located an issue with two of the vehicles door membranes.

It’s quite common to see the original factory membrane fail as the seal parishes which in turn leads to water passing through the door card. It’s either that or they have been tampered with due to speaker upgrades or to carry out work behind the door card on a faulty window mechanism.

The solution for this car is to remove the door cards inspected the membranes And make good, or fabricate new door membranes then reseal.

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Question: "I have a leak and I think it's coming from the bottom of the drivers side door. When I have the door open I can hear it sloshing around."

Answer: It sounds like the drainage holes are probably blooked. Water will leak down inside your door from the window, it is supposed to. From there it is supposed to drain through holes in the bottom, if not the bottom of the door will fill up with water until it reaches a level were it can push past the inner door membrane, where it will get inside the car and make your carpets wet. The best way to fix this is to have the door apart and clean it all out, but remember to properly reseal the door membrane afterwards or you will cause yourself another leak. 

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