Lexus RX400h | Multiple Water Leaks


This video shows water leaking through the bottom of the doors because of perished inner door membranes. This is an extremely common issue we find on many different makes and models of car.

This Lexus RX 400 H was feature in a previous video.

Solution: We made new door membranes, which are usually just a plastic sheet which is bonded with a sealer which prevents water leaking between the outer door and inner door.

Water is supposed to run through the door, which is why it has drainage holes at the bottom, but the plastic sheet is there to stop it getting into the cabin, dripping down the door card and making your floors wet.

It seems many mechanics don't know that this is what this sheet is foor and assume it is just protective packaging from the factory because they often seem to poke holes in it if they are working inside of the doors. However, on this car, it's leaking because the bonding has dried out and come lose with age. Replacing them will fix these particular leaks.

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Question: "There is water dripping down from behind the glovebox when it rains, can you help?"

Answer: Yes, it could be that drainage holes under the scuttle have blocked up so that this area fills up with water which overflows and leaks in. Or ot could be you have a leaky screen, it could even just be that one of the grommets on the bulkhead has perished and is letting in water. It would take further investigation to determine the exact cause of the leak, but those would be the obvious reasons.

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