Do ceramic coating work on classic cars?

They are ideal for classic cars. We can assume that a classic car will be kept for many years to come, so it makes a lot of sense to seal the paintwork with a ceramic coating because no other coating offers more protection or lasts longer.

Most of the classic and vintage cars that come to us have been restored and so have been repainted, and so we would give the same advice as we would to somebody with a new car.

However, we also understand that some vintage cars have original paintwork, and in some cases, a car is more valuable with damaged original paintwork than if restored. The paintwork on old cars can be very thick, meaning it can be repolished again and again. However, you can only do this so many times before it starts getting thin. We can accommodate older cars with original paintwork, ceramic coatings work just the same on solid base paintwork and will prevent oxidization.