Do self healing coatings work?

We won't say they will never work but at the current time, our information on the subject suggest that they don't work as intended and are not fit for purpose.

We are aware that several car manufacturers, Mercedes specifically, put a lot of research and development into self sealing paintwork in the early 2000s, but abandoned the project because while they could get the paint to move about and reseal its self, they couldn't prevent it moving off the car, and it would simply fall off. 

One of our suppliers has looked into the possibility of self sealing coatings and reports that these suffer much the same problem. There are things they can do with heat, whereby the panel can be heated up and reformed, but it's not very practical compared to other types of coating.

Obviously, self sealing coatings which can heal up scratches would be a wonderful invention, and we would jump on them if they ever were effective, so we will be watching with our fingers crossed.