Are diamond coatings a gimmick?

Diamond coatings are not a gimmick. We can understand why it might look that way, after all, car care products have used Diamonds in their branding for years to hint that their protection is hard as diamonds. And if you were to tell us that a coating contained crushed up diamonds, we would be extremely dubious.

However, diamonds are actually a logical step for modern coatings which use carbon or silica on a molecular level. 

The Diamonds in our diamond coating are synthetic diamond nano-rods. Since the days when we were making our houses from wattle and daub, it has been known that fibrous material adds strength.  We added glass fibre to resin to make fibreglass, and today, impact resistant polymers contain fibres for strength. Diamond nano-rods serve the same function in a diamond coating, forming a lattice which makes the coating especially durable.