Car Wax

Waxes are the oldest form of car paint protection and in their most basic for a  blend of hard wax (usually Carnauba), softer wax (typically bee's wax) and oils. This type of blend will be formulated to give a good mix of durability, ease of application and shine.

At some point in the past, synthetic waxes started to be used, and according to legend, manufacturers of natural waxes sued over the use of the word 'wax', causing the word 'sealant' to be used by some instead.  The exact history of this saga is probably lost to history, but to cut a long story short, most waxes these days contain a mixture of natural and synthetic products. So they may be labelled as a 'wax' or a 'sealant', or perhaps even 'hybrid' or 'polish', which can make things terribly confusing.  We, however, try to keep to accurate definitions to avoid confusion, and so for our purpose, any protective coating which lasts 3-6 months, we describe as a wax, regardless of whether the ingredients are natural or synthetic.