Semi-Permanent Coating

When we say semi-permanent coating, we mean any coating which is designed to last years rather than months.

Technically speaking, any coating you put on your car is a sacrificial layer and will eventually wear off, it is a given this is the case with waxes. Polymer sealants and ceramic coatings work somewhat differently. 

To make an analogy, waxing a car is somewhat oiling your tools. You will have to continue to maintain them with regular oiling, as you know it will wear off with use. A permanent coating is more like  a coat of paint on a wall. It isn't going to come off, it might begin to wear a bit thin and take a few knocks and scrapes, but it won't ever be gone. And to continue the analogy, if you give it another lick of paint after a few years, it should be as good as new. This is why many of the permanent coatings have top-up products.