How much does polishing a car cost?

It depends on how big the car is, the age of the car, the condition of the paintwork, and how far you want to go.

Because we are a relatively large company (for this industry), we have developed a system so that we can standardize what we do. The first stage is paintwork correction, where we correct any areas of special concern. A car might have only one problem area, it might have them on every panel.

Next we machine polish the whole car. For new cars, this would be a two stage polish, for cars that are showing the signs of ageing, a 4 or 6 stage polish. A 6 stage is more expensive than a 2 stage.

Like just about everything, it seems, detailing cars is subject to the Pareto principle. How this relates to polishing your car is that we can get an 80% improvement for 20% man hours. In other words, there are diminishing returns on the effort we put in. Chasing perfection gets very expensive. However, there are detailing companies out there that specialize in this and will spend a week polishing a car.  We might even do it if the cost of paintwork correction works out more cost effective than a respray.