Is it worth polishing a new car?

It can be worth polishing a new car. As a mass-produced car is painted with a self levelling paint which is naturally shiny, but they don't polish it at the factory. So although the paintwork is shiny, it is actually raw, and seen under a microscope it can look quite rough.

Polishing a new car will definitely make it more shiny. However, this is not the only reason to polish a new car. It makes a great deal of sense to seal in the freshness of the paintwork with a ceramic or similar coating, while the car is new, and have effective car paint protection right from the beginning. So we would suggest that when you get a new car, as soon as possible, have it polished and protected.

One of the many benefits of this is that it works out cheaper, as there is less polishing work to do on a brand-new car, so you will pay less for this part of the process.