Can you polish my car to a mirror finish?

We probably can. But just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

We can make your car really shiny, so shiny you can see your face in the reflection. But to get a true mirror finish, as you might see on some show cars, you really need to start by repainting the car and putting on a really thick layer of paint, then flat-and-polishing it, so it's as smooth as glass.

The average car does not have really thick paint, and the paint that's on it is not mirror smooth, it actually has tiny ripples. These ripples actually serve to hide imperfections in the bodywork, such as stretch marks at the corners of panels and tiny dents. Polishing these flat can actually make the car look worse.

Even when a car comes from the factory, it is seldom perfect if you look hard enough, and you are sure to have picked up a few scratches and dents. Polishing a car too much can help highlight these issues, and of course, perfection is hard to achieve and almost impossible to maintain.

In summary, we can make your car really shiny, but there is only so far you should go with it.